Introducing Mindstream

See your thoughts clearly

Mindstream is a first-of-its-kind thinking simulator for uncovering, processing, and changing your thinking patterns.

Our thoughts are complex and invisible, which makes them challenging to change.
It would be easier if we could see them.
The Mindstream app lets us see our thoughts and emotions to uncover, investigate, and change them.
See yourself change.

A Microscope for emotions

It starts with uncovering your feelings and thoughts to figure out what is beneath them.

Blueprints for Your Thoughts

Then, with guidance, you investigate to see the beliefs, fears, memories and more that cause that feeling.

Navigation For directing your Attention

Lastly, learn skills specific to each type of thought and feeling to change the thinking pattern over time and improve the way you feel.

A Universal Language to share Your Experiences

Store your thoughts in Mindstream or let friends, family, or therapists see how you feel by sharing it with them.

We're looking for mentors, developers, business partners, and more.

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